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Event Report - BE100 at Goring Heath, 8th September 2013

11th September 2013
Two weeks since our run at Wellington and I should have been feeling positive about Goring Heath but having very late times on the Sunday (Dressage at 16:37) meant I'd spent the whole weekend waiting and was struggling to get fired up.

Superstar coach / groom / equine spinal therapist Jenny Gray-Wallis (check out her great website) agreed to come with us again and even offered to help get Trad ready with super smart plaits, stitched in and everything! Unfortunately we had an incident with the needle but that's a story for another day...

Trad's very smart plaits by Jenny. Photos by Digital Equine.

We arrived on time and went straight off to walk the XC which had been switched around compared to previous years. It looked good and certainly not a big or long as Wellington so I wasn't particularly worries. There was a trakehner and a few narrow fences but nothing that Trad and I shouldn't be able to cope with.

After XC we walked SJ and picked up numbers... Slight confusion there as someone else had already taken my number so the secretary had to do a quick (not very) blue peter job. After a stop off at Charlie Coffee's and a chat to Nick Gauntlett and Vittoria Panizzon about Twitter we were a little late!

Photo by Digital Equine.

However we cracked on and had 20 mins to warm up for dressage. Warm up was good, thanks to Jenny giving me a good workout but unfortunately as soon as Trad went into the arena area he tensed up and shot off! Here's a video of the test and sheet below, unfortunately it was not our best!

On to the show jumping and it turns out that if I ride properly and get Trad going a bit we can do a nice round! No chance of stopping again this week and another clear SJ following on from Wellington.

Not much else to say other than Jenny got very excited when Trad wouldn't stand still in the waiting area! Here's the video:

After the SJ we went straight off to cross country and the warm up was interesting with Trad deciding to bank off the warm up fence twice... Not part of the plan, however in the end he jumped the hanging log fine! In the start box he was again very keen like in the SJ and jumped the first two fences perfectly and felt great.

Waiting to start with Jenny & Chef d'Equipe Hattie behind us!

Unfortunately this feeling didn't last as after fence two he dropped off from my leg started looking around and backing off a bit! We got over three, four and five ok but six was the trakehner and halfway across the field he started hanging on my reins and backing off, nothing to do with the jump itself, just being a nappy bugger! Not surprisingly he stopped, however was pleased to get him over second time.

Fence seven was a tiny pheasant feeder to a corner but again more napping and he stopped. So frustrating as he could have jumped it with his eyes shut! Again second time fine. Eight was a double of tyres, tried to stop and had to ride him really hard to get over and not be eliminated. After that there was a bit more napping through a gap in fence and then he was perfect for the rest of the course! Below is my headcam footage...

Overall I was totally gutted with the XC but the SJ was great and really enjoyed it! Onwards and upwards though as I am at Blenheim on Friday for a XC lecture demo with Nick Gauntlett!

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